About Me

My name is Claudia Ciapocha and I’m a twenty-three year old self-taught photographer based in Brisbane, Australia.

I once dreamt of a way to stop time. These days I do so with a camera in my hand and a quirky smile on my face.

I’m a creative who spends life capturing the world moving around me. This website documents my world and those terrific people I meet along the way. I tend to photograph the things that make me a happier individual, and my hope is that the people viewing my photos realise that I'm smiling and loving every moment the entire time I'm shooting. 

Please feel free to contact me for photography enquires or even just to chat. My email can be found below, or use my contact page. 

Email: hello@stillsintime.com

Mobile: +61 419 768 647


Festival Contributions: Splendour in the Grass, Falls Festival, The Big Pineapple Music Festival, St Jerome’s Laneway, Soundwave, Stereosonic, Maroochydore Music & Visual Arts Festival, Bigsound Music Conference, Blurst of Time Festival, Mountain Goat Valley Crawl, and more. 

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