Indy & Cats



Indy Weinert - my best friend as well as my most conflicting friendship.

Have you ever met a person that you just did not get along with, disliked for a while, then BAM you’re the closest of friends? Well that describes Indy and my relationship to a T.

We met through our then partners friendship, Indy disliking me as I was friends with her boyfriend, and me disliking her because she disliked me. (I know, confusing right. Just keep reading because it ends well.) At this same time I began photographing for the newly opened Brightside Brisbane, and she was the door girl. I vividly recall the night we met where I introduced myself as her boyfriends friends girlfriend, and in return I received the poutiest scowliest look you could ever imagine. She was not impressed. After this I honestly cannot recall how we connected, but we became fast friends and we moved in to my first share home at the tender age of 19. That was a couple of years of a grandest friendship filled with some of the biggest fights we could muster. Despite that we had a ridiculous time making little money, eating shitty food, drinking far too much, and enjoying our nights working in clubs a little too much.

It’s been maaaaany years since all of that. We live in different houses in different suburbs now, both of us with two cats. Recently she was one of my dreamy bridesmaids and did the best of job.

A few months ago I went to her home and captured her with her adorable kitties Merv (black and white boy) and Chickpea (ginger boy known as Pea). I love these adorable cuties but they absolutely despise me…. Enjoy some cute kitties and the biggest babe you’ll see.


Photos taken with a Canon 5Dmkiv.


One from a little later in the night, when we started feeling a tad more sensual.