Maddie at Home




One warm winter afternoon in September I had the pleasure to take some film snaps of my once neighbour and talent musician Maddie Stewart. 

I met Maddie through her greatly social brother, connecting through the Brisbane live music scene, as I seem to have done with many of my recent friends. Maddie is half of her two-piece folky vibe band Moodie Gloom. She’s is also a lovely, energetic and optimistic gal, and my cat-soul-sister. 

A year or so ago Maddie moved in to my neighbouring apartments, which was a lovely surprise when I saw her wandering my street one day. A few months into being my neighbour she brought home a gorgeous little kitten Momo (who is picture below) - her name comes from The Last Airbender. Momo and my chubby cat Cadbury are fast play friends, just like their two mummies, except we enjoy red wine instead of cat treats.

These days Maddie has moved down the road to another home, back with her social and creative brother. Her kitty remains next door to us, and she visits every so often. I am, however, eternally grateful she only moved down the road and not too far away.


To check out some of  Maddie’s music, click here


Photos taken on Hasselblad 500cm with 80mm f2.8. Film used was Kodak Portra 400 and Ilford HP5+.