Party in the Paddock 2019




On the Saturday night I received a very intriguing email, and by the Wednesday I was flying out of Brisbane.

Capturing Party in the Paddock was a bit of a bucket list gig for me after seeing the photos friends of mine had captured the year before. In typical Claudia style I didn’t do anything about it. It was the sweetest surprise that Saturday night being asked to capture this festival that I had fantasized about attending, in a state I fantasize about exploring.

The Wednesday night I flew down to Melbourne and stole my cousins Brunswick bed whilst she was in Japan. The Thursday morning I raced to the airport for a morning flight to Launceston, cabbed it to White Hills and pitched a pre-made tent in the cutest little paddock you could dream up.

Party in the Paddock was a festival shroud in barren grass with charming little mountains in the background. The punters were peculiar (in the nicest sense), the volunteers were eco-warriors (what every festival should be made of), and the lovely people that ran it were a tight-knit family of mates. We had the greatest team of photographers you could dream up, and I was so honoured to shoot amongst the loveliest supportive photo friends.

Notable mentions: Me asking people I was photographing (who were walking around the festival) why they seemed so familiar, to my utter embarrassment realising they were Middle Kids. Eating pulled jackfruit burgers / loaded jackfruit fries for almost every meal. Bringing back Weetbix as a breakfast staple.

The MOST notable mention: The guy that called out to me “You should probably move”, I reply “Oh why?”, they state “There’s a tiger snake next to you” so blasé as if it were a turtle walking by rather than a super deadly snake. Cheers friend for the heads up. Thank you for not killing me Mr Snake.


Photos taken with a Canon 5Dmkiv & Canon 5Dmkiii.




Bands: Didirri, Alex the Astronaut, West Thebarton, The Jungle Giants & The Presets



Bands: Remi, Yungblud (featuring a sneaky on-stage engagement), DZ Deathrays, Vera Blue & Lily Allen